What is Soju Party?

Soju Party is the brainchild of Hanguk Creative, a design company based in South Korea. After getting into discussions with Hanguk Creative we began developing the prototype of Soju Party on their behalf.

The objective of Soju Party is to move your bottle of Soju around the table collecting good spirits. Good spirits increase your score and ultimately increase your spirit level. In the process of doing this you must also avoid the bad spirits. These bad spirits will directly counter any good spirits you have collected by decreasing your score and your spirit level.

At the same time you must also avoid bottles of Makgeolli which spawn around the table. These bottles of Makgeolli will chase your Soju bottle around the table. If they make contact they will both be knocked backwards potentially knocking you off the table and ending the game.

Once your spirit level reaches a certain threshold, the character in the game will take a shot of Soju and the game will continue. The more the player drinks, the more difficult the game will become as not only will the player become drunk, but more enemies and bad spirits will spawn.