Mirrors is a strategy puzzle game where you play as an adventurer navigating your way through the tombs of ancient Egypt. By using the power of the sun you must direct light by reflecting it off various mirrors onto an orb which will activate the door into the next tomb. While doing this you must deal with a range of obstacles and traps that are in place to hinder your progress and keep you from reaching the Pharaohs treasure.


Mirrors also has a level creator which will allow the creation and sharing of tombs. It’s extremely easy to create, edit and share your own levels and the possibilities are endless!

To create a level you must simply enter the level creator and name your level. From there you will be taken to the level creation screen where you can select from all the available traps and obstacles in game. Simply select an object, close the menu and then place it within your tomb by tapping on the tiles. Do this with each object until you are happy then test your level. Once you’re perfectly happy, save it and share it. We don’t think it could be any easier!