Between November 2015 and July 2016 we worked in collaboration with Game Dr Limited on two educational science games for our client Killer Fungus – a research group based at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Both games were on exhibit from 4th July to 10th July at the Royal Society, London, as part of the Summer Science Exhibition.

 Fungal Invaders

Fungal Invaders Logo

In Fungal Invaders, you play as an immune system with the objective of defending the body from a fungal attack. You must learn which fungus is weak to which weapon and use certain weapons sparingly to avoid running out of ammunition.

Killer Fungus: Evolution

Killer Fungus: Evolution Logo

Feeling Creative? Design your own fungus with the aim of invading a living organism. With a variety of skills and over 4000 skill combinations, have you got what it takes to create the ultimate Killer Fungus?