What is Castaways?

Castaways is a first person team based survival game unlike anything you have seen before! Too often do Survival Games easily turn into a battle royal, a kill or be killed game. We hate that and we know that a lot of gamers do too. As our result we are making team play our  main focus with Castaways.

Every aspect of Castaways has been developed from the ground up to ensure two things; its originality and its impact on team play. We have developed a variety of ground breaking features that makes Castaways a completely unique experience which we are confident anyone can and will enjoy.

Features of Castaways

  • Player Backstory System
  • Class Combinations and Bonuses
  • Personal and Team Resource System
  • Base Planning & Building Mechanics
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Multiple Enemy Sets
  • Revolutionary Survival System

Castaways is currently in development.