Our Top 3 Games of 2015

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As we approach the end of what has been an awesome year for Monocool Interactive and the development cycle for our debut game, Castaways, we decided to list our personal favourite games of 2015!

Here are our Top 3 picks for Game of the Year, followed by a few honourable mentions:

3. Bloodborne

Ross: “I’ve played a lot of games this year, and some of them I’ve absolutely adored. However, for me, one game stands above the rest and it is Bloodborne, developed by From Software and published by Sony.”

“I’ve never been in to the Demon/Dark Souls games and to be honest I gave this one a go purely because it was a PlayStation exclusive and there wasn’t many around at that time – but 65 hours, 120 levels and 17 intense terrifying boss fights later and I was so glad I did. I was blown away by this bloody (literally) descent in to video game madness. The gameplay, level design, art direction and risk/reward mechanic were all 10/10 for me!”

2. Fallout 4

Andrew: “For me its probably Fallout 4. Although it seems like a very slight mistep from Skyrim due to being rushed a little in places and still having some technical issues, Bethesda always pulls the rabit out of the hat. The best Fallout game to date and I’ve played them all, it’s an incredible game and takes up a massive amount of my time just wandering around discovering new quests, locations and enemies – I’m close to 100 hours!“

1. Rocket League

Kevin: “2015 was such an absolutely packed year for big games being released, it was also a year that was so packed that I didn’t get much of a chance to play anything – too busy working on Castaways, y’see? – but of the games that were released this year that I have played, I’ve got to go with Rocket League because it’s created so many fun and memorable moments with friends by creatively using its physics.”

Rhys: “I would also go with Rocket League as well. The first game in years that I enjoy AND play with a control. I am not really into ‘sports’ games but Rocket League however is just too addictive. It ticks all the boxes – competitive, great fun, quick games, not to mention the endless amount of content Psyonix are releasing.”

Ross: “Yeah it’s absolutely the most fun I’ve had gaming this year, and that Back To The Future DLC was a nice add-on!”

Honourable mentions:

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate
Rainbow Six: Siege
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

So what do you think of our choices? Do you agree? Did we miss your favourite 2015 game from our list?

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November Dev Blog

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November has been a pretty hectic month as we have a lot of deadlines that we would love to hit before Christmas comes. As a result it’s been pretty much all hands on deck. We are really close to meeting all our own personal targets and we’re approximately 2 months ahead of the schedule at present. Exciting times!

We have several updates for you – so let’s get right in to it!

Finally on Twitter!
Yes Monocool Interactive has finally got on board with the big blue bird that is Twitter! You can follow us @monocoolint and don’t for get to follow our Studio Director @rhyswilly as well.
Facebook Competition – WIN £50 GAMING CREDIT!
We are currently running a competition on our Facebook page that will close on the 15th December. All you have to do is like our page Monocool Interactive, share the pinned post, and tag the 5 friends who would make up your team of Castaways.
Storage and Inventory UIs Overhauled
Both the Storage Hut and Inventory UI were still suffering from being placeholders. Both have been redesigned and implemented.
Sound Effects Added
We have been working closely with a sound engineer and he has come up with some great sound effects for us. We have implemented these sound effects and they sound amazing and really make the game so much better.

I would recommend that if anyone needs some sort of audio work done to check out Chris Carlone Composition.
Weapons and Tools Added
Last month we remodeled and textured the weapons and tools we have currently added to Castaways. We have now added them and they work a treat.
Single Player to Multiplayer Conversion
Last month we made big strides on moving from single player to multiplayer. We have developed this even further and implementing the following:

All Buildings Work

  • Fire is synced for everyone
  • Day / Night System
  • Creating both Private and Open Multiplayer Games
  • Joining Private Games
  • Open Game Server List
  • In Game Chat

In addition we have also solved a problem with our animations which means we can hopefully have player rigs properly working in multiplayer before Christmas.
Remodeled Watch Tower
We are now in the process of fine tuning the build mode for online gameplay. As a result we decided to remodel one of our more complicated buildings to push the limits of our servers before we begin polishing every other building type.
Implemented AI Foundations
We have managed to get the very basics put together for AI but we are still yet to fully integrate it with Castaways. We will be doing this through December. Currently we have the following working pretty well:

  • Enemies interacting with player characters
  • Enemies having idle behaviors
  • Enemies following ‘rules’ for game modes
  • Enemies walk around environment objects.

Work on Trailer
We have spent the last week of November working on the Castaways trailer. We’re very happy with the way things are going and we think the trailer is going to be awesome. We’re not going to say too much on this as we will let the trailer speak for itself when the time comes. The trailer is planned for release very, very soon!

Throughout December we have a few surprises as well as a few targets yet to meet, some are way more complicated than others. Once these targets are met we are planning to release a lot more video dev blogs, and show a lot more of our game off. We are very excited for this, but currently our focus is on fine tuning the game to make sure it is in the best possible state to present. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Steam and IndieDB accounts for more updates over the next month.

Thanks for reading!