September Dev Update

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This month we have focused on wrapping up a lot of loose ends. Some of what we’ve fixed has been somewhat long overdue but things are really coming together and we feel the resource gathering and building areas of Castaways are getting very close to being 100% finished.

Tutorial Island Redesigned
We decided to remodel and re-texture the ‘Tutorial Island’ that we’ve been developing on for the past few months. Our new island is roughly the same size but has so much more going for it. We are now able to start looking at digging mechanics as well as having a whole underwater section around the entire of the Island. We have some amazing things planned for this over the next few months.

Resources Gathering Implemented
We’ve added the finishing touches on the resource gathering side of Castaways and we’re extremely happy with the current state that it’s in.

  • Boulders can now be mined using a chisel and a hammer. Boulders have three sizes and as you break the boulder down it will provide
  • the player with Stone and break down into a smaller sized boulder.
  • Trees can now be cut down using an axe. Each type of tree has slightly different behaviours. When cutting down a tree, resources will
  • spawn around the stump.
  • Cutting down a tree spawns Lumber. Lumber can be carried by a player and deposited into a storage hut. Lumber provides the team
  • with a large amount of wood. This looks and works AWESOME!!!
  • Leaves can be picked up from the ground and spawn from cutting down trees.
  • Wood Models have also been updated and can be spawned from cutting down trees or picked up around the Island.

Crafting System Update
We had a minor issue where resource icons weren’t displaying correctly. This has been fixed and now works great. We have a lot of plans for the crafting system and will be implementing them over the coming months.

Inventory Update
We originally had the weapons and tools equip able even if they were not in your inventory. This was a quick fix and now you actually have to have the items before you can equip them. We have also added actions to some of our items which allows us to drop any item and pick it back up again.

Character Scripts Added
In anticipation of what we’re going to be focusing on over the next few weeks, we’ve began putting together the foundations of the player.

  • Energy and Health have been implemented.
  • Energy and Health now regenerates over time but extremely slowly.
  • Energy is consumed when swinging your tools or performing certain actions

Building Updates
We’ve scripted a few new buildings and made changes to some of the already existing buildings.

  • Team Inventories now remains inactive until a gathering area has been built. Once built the Team Inventory becomes active and you can then look at constructing bigger and better buildings.
  • Storage Huts and Gathering Areas now requires that you to press E to both enter and leave the building. If you’re holding lumber, it will try to deposit the lumber instead of entering. While interacting with a Storage Hut or Gathering Area all control of your character is lost until you exit.
  • Small Shelters and Large Shelters now increase your health and energy regeneration rates while you are inside them. Upon leaving your regeneration rates set back to normal.

Build Mode UI
The build mode UI has been completely overhauled to make building easier as well as provide necessary feedback we didn’t have originally.

  • When first entering build mode, only the basic buildings can be seen. You are prompted to build a gathering area and once you do you will then have access to all areas of the build mode.
  • Hovering over any of the icons in the build mode interface will make an information panel appear giving you details on that selection.
  • Back buttons are now implemented so that you can navigate backwards through the menu.
  • Placing any building now sets you back to the building main menu.

Weapons Collisions and Positions Fixed
We had a few issues with the collisions of weapons and tools but we have managed to resolve these and both the collisions and the positioning of the weapons have been fixed.

Over the coming weeks we are going to be looking a lot at polishing the models and textures for the buildings that we have fully working in Castaways. We also have big plans for getting building and resources fully working in multiplayer. Then there is the new website, videos, addition of classes, enemies and AI. The list is almost never ending!