Full STEAM Ahead

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We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks to achieve a number of things including getting our site up to scratch, getting Castaways on the Steam Greenlight Concepts and pushing on with our first trailer.

Castaways Website

We have a new Castaways section of the website. This gives a fair bit of information on Castaways and what we’re striving to create. As time goes on we will be looking at getting a dedicated site set up just for Castaways but for now we feel this is a good medium for getting some basic information out for anyone who is interested.

Steam Greenlight Concept

A week ago we finally launched Castaways on Steam Greenlight. Albeit only the Concept section, but everything has to start somewhere, right? When we first launched expectations weren’t really high but within 12 hours our Facebook¬†traffic exploded. We made it to the second spot of the most popular on steam and things are progressively getting better. We’ve had a lot of yes votes (thank you) and things are looking great. We just want to get as much content out as possible now to keep people interested, hence the upcoming trailers and footage of the game.

The Castaways Trailer

As we mentioned a few blog posts ago we are hoping to get the Castaways trailer live for the middle of July, roughly 2 weeks from today. We are all working hard on Castaways and although its possible that we can get it finished for then, we also don’t want to rush it. Things are looking amazing from our side. Pieces are falling together and we are coming up with some incredible stuff for Castaways that we want to release soon in video format to show it working.

Over the next week we will be putting our indieDb page live as well as becoming a little more active on Facebook.
If you haven’t already please check out our steam page and like us on Facebook. You can follow the prompts at the top of your page.